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Even if you’re a smart student, it’s OK to have questions. This means that you don't want to stop where you are now; you want to learn even more. That’s why if you study architecture and you have architecture questions, it’s a sign that you have a serious attitude toward your future profession and you’d like to know as much as possible about it in order to become a skillful expert.

Finding Answers to Your Architecture Questions…

People who need architecture help usually have a number of options to choose from. First of all, you can find necessary sources on the web, or go to the library to find books or magazines. Another option is to ask another person, be it your teacher or a classmate. Choosing either of the two options depends on individual temperaments. Introverts are most likely to choose the first one, while extroverts find it more preferable to get architecture help directly from people by having a conversation with them.

When we created AnswerShark, we tried to make it useful for any category of users. It’s more convenient than searching the web or asking your teacher a question. All you have to do is ask a question and wait for an answer. You don't even need to be online all the time. If there’s an action in your question that you need to perform (attach a file, approve an answer, or rate your architecture tutor), we'll just send you an email notification. If you feel like browsing our architecture questions and answers to find what you need, you’re welcome to do so. We have a large database of questions and answers, so chances are that somebody else has already asked a question related to your need. We believe that our service offers a lot for all students, no matter what type of help they need.

Getting Help from Architecture Tutors and Other Students:

Now that you know what our website offers, let's figure out how it all works. The first thing you have to choose is your question type: basic or advanced. Basic is free of charge and is visible to anyone who’s signed up to the website. That’s why your question can be answered by both tutors and students. The advantage of basic is that you can get various opinions on a certain problem from different people, leave comments, and then choose the best answer. Also, if you feel that you know enough to help other students, you can answer their questions.

If you need help with a more complicated assignment, for example architecture homework help, advice on writing a research paper, or any other task, you’re welcome to ask an advanced question. There are several steps you have to take: type your question, choose your discipline, attach files if necessary, set a desired price, and post a question. It will be visible to all our tutors, and those who have the necessary skills to answer your question will place their bids. Now you’re able to make your selection by taking into consideration the price offered by each tutor and their educational background and skills. If there’s something that you’d like to ask a tutor, you can do so by using chat. Once you’re ready to make a choice, assign a selected tutor. You don't have to pay right away. You just reserve money on your AnswerShark account to pay the tutor when the answer is ready. That way you know that your money is safe and you pay only for a result. When the answer is ready, you have to approve it and rate your tutor.

Why Students Choose Us

There are many reasons why students prefer our website. Have a look and decide for yourself:

  • Skillful and well-versed tutors. We do our best to choose only those tutors who possess enough skill and experience to help students in their area of expertise. We also value a willingness to keep on learning and a professional attitude to work. That’s why your question will be answered by an expert who is able to provide high-quality help for students.
  • Fast turnaround. When you post an advanced question, you’ll get your answer in 1-3 hours. Moreover, you can post your question anytime and be sure that there’s a tutor online who’s ready to be assigned to your question.
  • Manage your orders. You’re the one who chooses a suitable tutor, and you have to decide what price you want to pay. We believe that no-one can manage the order better than the clients themselves.
  • Customer support. Whenever you need help with posting your question, reserving money, or if you just have issues with features on our website, you can address your questions to our support team, who will gladly help you.

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