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The ability to think abstractly has brought humanity to many great discoveries and challenges. Mainly due to the ability to think about things we cannot see, we were able to imagine that there are other planets at first, and then to explore them. But they still exist, and the power of our brain allows us much more room – think about things that never happened and never will happen. These mind experiments and conclusions, however, obey certain rules, and logic is the field that creates those rules. Get ready to immerse yourself in the difficult, tricky and intriguing world of philosophy logic questions.

philosophy logic questions

How You Can Make Learning Logic Fun

Do you think that solving philosophy logic problems will bore you to death? Well, this may not be the most fascinating activity in the world if you are not a great fan of Aristotle, the philosopher who developed the first formal laws of logic. But don’t take us the wrong way, logic can be a pretty fun thing to do even if you are not going to follow Aristotle’s steps and become a modern-day philosopher. Let’s look at some examples and have a little logical fun. Don’t look at the answers, think about it a little on your own first!

1) What happens if an unstoppable force meets an immovable wall?

2) Who’s my father’s son?

3) If Thor picks up his hammer, and Hulk picks up Thor, is it correct to say that Hulk now holds the Mjolnir?

4) You’ve flipped a coin 9 times and got Heads. What is the possibility of getting Heads in the 10th time?

5) What is heavier: two pounds of marble or two pounds of bird down?

How many did you manage to answer correctly without getting some philosophy logic help from the all-mighty Google? Here are the answers to check:

1) It’s a paradox, so there’s no definite answer. This paradox is called the paradox of irresistible force, and it implies that either immovable object or irresistible force doesn’t exist. At least they cannot exist together in one universe, because that’s against the laws of logic.

2) It’s me! Besides, such a saying was a popular way of referring to yourself in medieval literature in the Middle East.

3) If you are a comic geek, as we are, you probably know that there were many times when someone else managed to lift Thor’s hammer by sheer force, through deceit or because he or she was worthy to do so. But still, as a logic question, this goes against the logical law of transition, so we assume that Hulk isn’t holding Mjolnir, he’s holding Thor who’s holding Mjolnir. The trick didn’t work.

4) It’s still 50% regardless of the number of times you flip the coin. But the possibility of getting Heads 10 times in a row is only 0.097%.

5) They are equal, because it’s the same two pounds. 🙂

Do you still think that logic is boring? Well then, after a session or two of solving philosophy logic problems with our awesome tutors you will definitely change your mind.

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philosophy logic help

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