How to Deal With the Hardest Math History Topics

Math students should not only deal with problem solving, but with writing assignments as well. One of the branches that you will face is the history of math. Many students get assignments to write projects about different events in math history. If you are one of them, our topics in the history of mathematics will help you.

history of arithmetic

Math History Topics: Babylonian Mathematics

  • An overview of Babylonian math
  • Numerals in Babylon
  • Pythagoras’s theorem
  • Zero’s history

History of Math Topics: Ancient Egyptian Mathematics

  • An overview of Egyptian math
  • Papyri in Egypt
  • Numerals in Egypt
  • Zero’s history

Mathematics consists of different branches, like arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis. All of them are tested differently. Some of these branches tend to be more difficult than the others. We have prepared arithmetic topics that will give you a good idea of what to expect on the exam and will help you to be prepared for it.

Topics Under Arithmetic

  • Integer properties
  • Decimals
  • Fractions
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Real numbers
  • Powers and number roots
  • Percents
  • Sets
  • Sstatistics
  • Discrete probability
  • Counting methods

These topics in arithmetic are the most popular in many colleges. If you study them, you will be well prepared for your future exam.

What Is the History of Mathematics

math history project

Mathematics is the science that studies structure, order, and relation that has come from elemental practices of measuring, counting, and describing the shapes of objects. Math studies logical reasoning and quantitative calculation. Since the 17th century, math has been an indispensable adjunct to the technology and physical sciences, and recently it has assumed a similar role in the quantitative sphere of life science.

If to talk about the history of arithmetic in many cultures – under the stimulus of the practical pursuits of needs, like commerce and agriculture – arithmetic has developed for beyond basic counting. Such growth has been biggest in societies complex enough to sustain such activities and offer leisure for contemplation and opportunity to build on the earlier mathematicians’ achievements.

There are many articles on the Internet where you can find the answer to the question, “what is history of mathematics?” Mathematics has developed since the 15th century AD, and it is not a secret that from the 15th century to the middle of the 20th century, new developments in math has been mostly concentrated in North America and Europe.

This doesn’t mean that developments in other countries were not so significant. Indeed, to understand the question, “what is the origin of mathematics in Europe?” it is necessary to know the history at least in Egypt and Mesopotamia, in ancient Greece, and in Islamic civilization in 9th – 15th centuries.

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