How to Find Logic Questions With Answers

Logical reasoning is the section that consists of logic questions that can be solved by understanding the logic, pattern or argument in the question. Questions on logical reasoning are asked rather often in institutions. If you are strong in logical reasoning, it can be a perfect scoring section for you. However, it can be difficult if you want to deal with a great number of questions in a short period of time.

logic questions with answers

Strategy to Deal With Logic Questions

Many students find it difficult to deal with logic questions with answers that are correct during exams. You should start from questions that seem relatively easier and less time-taking. Logical reasoning questions can be related to the following topics:

  • Direction and distance
  • Puzzles
  • Coding and decoding
  • Seating arrangements
  • Syllogism
  • Equality and inequality
  • Blood relation and family

Puzzles mainly consist of logic questions and answers which require a student to find a match between different sets on the basis of provided facts. The most important thing of this section is to find a single match, and not to assume anything that’s not stated. Most times, the answer will not be given directly.

Seating arrangements can be linear or circular. You should draw a relation diagram in a line or circle form to show where one person is sitting with respect to another making blank spaces between them. Students can have more than one diagram and find out logic questions answers by overlapping the diagrams in a proper way.

Logic problems with answers about blood relation and family can be easily solved. It is important to draw a family tree. You should know specific terms like maternal uncle, niece, and so on. Take into consideration gender and don’t assume if not explicitly stated. You should keep in mind that even though this question is not difficult, it can be rather time-consuming.

A syllogism includes logical problem solving questions which would have several statements, and several conclusions should be provided. You should find out whether the statements help you to find conclusions. If you have problems with this section, you can use the help of our tutors to find the answer in the fastest possible way.

Simple logical questions and answers about equality and inequality have many variables, and direct relations will be provided. You should make the right choice amongst different options. Sometimes, you may need to solve from the options first. However, if you can’t find the correct solution, you may get help from our tutor.

Coding and decoding has one word that is coded to another word. To get such logic problems answers, students need to find the method of coding. Usually, it is quite simple and can be solved by trial-and-error. But if you don’t have time to deal with this problem, or if you don’t possess the necessary logical skills, we suggest you to use our tutor’s assistance.

If you need to find an answer for a direction and distance question, you should take the Cartesian plane and use X and Y coordinates.

Where to Find Answers for Logic Questions

logic problems with answers

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