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Knowing how to understand math, at times, becomes really difficult. Someone missed it at school, or someone forgot what he or she knew some time ago, and it is becoming extremely difficult to cope with the tasks of higher mathematics while studying at college or university. A huge amount of formulas, integrals, calculations of derivatives and other aspects of the program make students struggle. Analyzing this, you can often feel yourself as a fool.

how to learn mathematics with understanding

  • In many cases, the method of asking your classmate to help you works. But there are two “buts”: Firstly, classmates and schoolmates often do not know how to solve the task, therefore, there is no one to ask help from. Secondly, it does not help you during the exam, because you will have your own paper with the tasks that you need to deal with. So, what do you need to do and how to learn mathematics with understanding?
  • If you are studying at a university, the first advice is to attend lectures and put everything down. Even if you do not understand the lecture, recorded topics and the formulas will give you the chance to understand the lecture at home, or at least present your recordings to the lecturer. Believe us, the presence of recordings significantly increases your chances to pass the exam, even if you know very little. Also, they will help you to deal with learning mathematics with understanding.
  • If you are looking at the math book and notebook and feel yourself as a fool, the best decision would be to appeal to the tutor, or better – to an online tutor. First, it is cheaper, and secondly, you will be able to get an explanation of the subject and how to deal with specific tasks at almost any time of the day, and it is very convenient. Experienced online tutors of math, probability theory and mathematical statistics can be found on our site. If you need help to learn mathematics with understanding, then we are the best choice.
  • But the most important advice that will definitely help you in a difficult situation with math is to get your hands on the minimum! If during the exam, you are not able to give the correct answer to the question, “What is the sum of the squares of the legs of a right triangle” (it is equal to the square of the hypotenuse), then most likely, you will not pass the rest of the exam. Therefore, it is important to remember the basic rules, algorithms and formulas that teachers are asked during the exams. A good math tutor will help you to learn the necessary minimum.

Let’s remember the rules of disclosure of parentheses:

… + (-a + B + c-d) = -a + b + c-d – If it is a plus sign before the parenthesis, then we can just omit the parenthesis and leave each value with the same sign, with which it stands.

… – (-a + B + cd) = ab-c + d- If it is a minus sign before the parenthesis, then omitting brackets, we change the sign of each value (it has been “minus”, then after the disclosure of the parentheses, it will be a “plus” on its place, and vice versa).

Even if you happen to mix it up during your exam, and the examiner will tell you that you have made a mistake, you can quickly talk about a math rule and say that you have just written it incorrectly. It is much better than to remain silent when you are asked, “Where is the error here?”

The same rule also applies to the multiplication.

a (b-c) = ab-ac- There is no minus sign before “a”, so signs are stored.

-a (b-c) = ab + ac- There is a minus sign before “a”, and therefore we have to change the sign in the bracket’s disclosure.

In general, it is important to remember that two minuses give a plus and three minuses give a minus. The main thing is not to get lost in it while solving problems in higher or even school mathematics.

Of course, it is difficult to cover all of the necessary minimum in one article, so it is best to take at least a couple of lessons with a tutor, especially before the tests and exams. Studying the base material, of course, will gradually help to learn math and to pass exams successfully.

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