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Astronomy is gaining popularity as people are becoming more and more interested in extraterrestrial life, stars, cosmic adventures and spaceships. Students become enthusiastic about learning astronomy after they see or read about brave teams or even solo space travelers overcoming obstacles, risking their lives and saving the whole universe several times before breakfast. They happily enroll in astronomy courses, having no clue what is waiting ahead.

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Why Does Astronomy Equal Difficulty?

Why is astronomy learning so difficult? There are several main reasons, and we want to show you the most common of them for you to avoid these troubles during your course:

1) “In a galaxy far, far away…”

When you learn astronomy, you deal with a lot of things that are impossible to see and sometimes even to wrap your mind around. Can you imagine a star ten times bigger than our Sun? Or, maybe, you know how far a light year is? Everything that is happening in the sky that we can observe is happening in a far away past, and it’s hard to comprehend that the star you are writing your report about may not exist anymore, but we still see its light coming towards our planet.

2) What are you talking about? Can I touch it?

Every scientific field is abstract, that’s why it’s scientific. But astronomy is probably one of the most abstract sciences among exact sciences, and that alone poses a great difficulty to students, not to mention other problems. You can neither see nor touch most of the concepts involved, and some of them aren’t even real, like the axis of the Earth. You can see the Earth in pictures thanks to advanced technologies, but the axis is imaginary! And an astronomy course is filled with such things that exist only in our minds, like Schrödinger’s cat.

3) You need solid basic knowledge of physics and math.

It’s obvious that you won’t be able to calculate the gravity force which draws one planet to another if you have only a vague understanding of what gravity is and don’t remember the formula. However, some students are strongly convinced they can learn astronomy without paying any attention to math and physics. Well, this is not true. And the next time you will be wondering “How to learn astronomy without learning physics, because I hate it?” it will be better to stop wasting your time and find a good tutor at AnswerShark.com who will help you with both astronomy and physics.

4) You need to be very good at imagining complicated things.

Can you imagine how a cube will look in a four-dimensional space? Or, what an event horizon is, and how it affects all the objects approaching it? Well, you should, because this is what astronomy is all about – trying to figure out how things that are situated trillions of kilometers away work. But don’t worry, now you have a team of experienced and dedicated helpers, and you can explore outer space and lean astronomy online without leaving the comfort of your room.

Reasons Why Hiring a Tutor Is a Good Idea

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Okay, now you know what is difficult about astronomy and how it stops you from becoming a space scientist and traveling to other plants or, at least, discovering a new start which will be named in your honor. Identifying the problem is 50% of success, but the other 50% is solution ideas. Do you have any?

Don’t worry, even if you have no clue how to study for astronomy for a test or write a decent report, our awesome tutors are always ready to help you explore the marvels of outer space while sitting in your comfortable chair wrapped in a warm blanket. Remember how you used to play pretend with your friends when you were younger? Learning with our tutors resembles this, but on a much more advanced level.

You will travel to other planets, see distant nebulae and witness a death of a star, while learning advanced astronomic concepts and remembering names and numerical data. After several hours of working with our “extraterrestrially” good tutors you won’t even notice how you’ve managed to remember all the difficult things you’ve struggled with before. Here are a few more reasons to study with a personal tutor from AnswerShark.com:

  • Study in a comfortable environment.

And we are not talking about sitting with a cup of your favorite tea wrapped in a blanket, though this is also important. We are talking about a calm and safe environment, where your crazy classmates won’t scream, tell stupid jokes and disrupt the process in a million other ways. It’s only you, astronomy and our tutor, no annoying jokes and interrupting noises.

  • Go at your own speed.

Everyone has different learning patterns and memory capacities, but they are hardly regarded when it comes to public education. Forget about yawning during lectures if your brain grasps information easily, or writing like a crazy man if your professor is always too quick for you. Learn at your own pace and make the maximum of your memory patterns to nail every astronomy test you will have with ease.

  • You have the ability to choose a tutor.

When you are learning with AnswerShark.com, you are not stuck with one teacher forever. Of course, all of them are awesome and cool, but maybe you feel more comfortable with someone the same age? No problem – place your question once again here – https://answershark.com/astronomy/, wait for our tutors to bid for your order and choose the one you like the most after viewing his or her profile. We know how much the tutor or teacher influences the success of your learning, so we want to make studying as comfortable for you as it is only possible.

Are you still wondering “Where can I study astronomy?” The answer is simple – place your inquiry at AnswerShark.com or, which is even better, hire a tutor to solve all your questions connected to stars and planets at once!