Learn Math From Scratch With Our Help

In this article, we will try to give the most detailed information of how to learn math from scratch. With our recommendations, it will be possible to study with university textbooks, and at the same time we will set out in what directions you should move in your learning.

how to learn math from scratch

We break our plan to study mathematics into sub-items. Learning math is not an easy task, but if you know the material, you will cope with it. Keep in mind that if you successfully learn but can not solve at least half of the problems you get from your professor, your method of study is incorrect. So, how to learn mathematics from basics?

Sources for Learning

If you are a student of a prestigious university studying at an engineering course and forced every day to solve integrals and other complicated things, or you work for eight hours a day, you probably will not have time to study properly on your own. Though the way of reading math books is correct from a methodological point of view, most likely it will not work for most students. If you think, “I want to learn maths from basics,” probably the fastest and most correct way to make up the math program is to have an adequate program that should be taught and you should know what areas you need to address.

Often, a good source of finding material is Wikipedia, but not always. Google can help, and some textbooks can be found on specific math resources. They include information of what you need to learn in what order and in what form. It should be a good reference point for those who want to know how to learn maths from the beginning.

When students learn maths basics, it is important to offer them material that is easy to navigate, and they could learn the material faster. We admit only minimal innovation from the program that is taught at schools and throw out unnecessary aspects which are mainly in the form of geometry. That is the best way to start learning math.

To learn math from the beginning online is better from the arithmetic of natural numbers (this is the number 0, 1, 2, 3 and so on). You should know the basic operations on the natural numbers and their relationship: a comparison of the numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division with remainder, and exponentiation.

When you learn maths from basics to advanced, it is desirable to keep in mind three interpretations of the natural numbers (here in descending order of importance):

  • Combinatorial interpretation. The number indicates the amount of certain objects in a certain set. If x> y, then it means that the set x has more objects. Addition of numbers is the union of two sets of objects. Multiplication is the ways to make pairs. Exponentiation xy is the number of ways to make up words of y length from the alphabet containing x characters.
  • Geometric interpretation. The natural number is a segment on the line. Comparison of the numbers is comparison of intervals along its length. Addition of numbers is the bonding of the two segments. Multiplication is a square area with the specified parties.
  • Inductive interpretation. The natural numbers are obtained from one another, that is, there is a dedicated number “zero”, and there are a bunch of numbers which are obtained by adding one. In other words, for each number, a number following it is specified.

Help With Learning Mathematics

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