Sociology Project Ideas for Academic Success

If you are faced with the challenge of completing a sociology project and don’t know where to start, we have prepared some sociology project ideas that can help you. Remember that you should choose a topic that will be interesting to you so you can complete it with enjoyment. There are a lot of topics that you can find in this subject. Before you start to complete your project, you should narrow your focus to a broad topic and then select a more specific direction.

sociology project ideas

Sociology Research Project Ideas

Topics on family

  • Child abuse effects observed in adults
  • The difference of being raised in the USA and Africa
  • The effect of technology on the modern family
  • Gender roles in marriage
  • What is the differences between raising in an adoptive and a biological family?

Topics on crime

  • What are the reasons of the rise of crime in the USA?
  • What are the effects of parental alcohol abuse on children?
  • The effects of imprisonment on teenagers
  • What are the motives for terrorism?
  • The motivation of lone gunmen

Topics on marriage

  • What are the differences of marriage and co-habitation?
  • The effects of gay marriage legalization
  • How does feminism destroy marriages?
  • What are the lives of young brides like in the USA?
  • Do cross-cultural marriages work?

Topics on social media

  • The effects of cyberbullying
  • How does Facebook damage real relationships?
  • What is the difference between real people and their profiles in social media?
  • Should children use social media sites?
  • Why are people insecure in social media?

Topics on nationality and ethnicity

  • Why are races segregated?
  • How have persecuted races fought back?
  • Does racism rise or fall?
  • Are immigrants accepted?
  • Are stereotypes justified?

Topics on youth

  • The influence of celebrities on teenage boys and girls
  • The effects of becoming a social outcast on teenagers
  • What are the differences of attending a public school and being homeschooled?
  • The effects of music on teenagers’ behavior

Select a topic that you are really interested in. A topic should provoke you to find out more about a particular phenomenon or issue. You should want to share your knowledge with your readers. After choosing a topic, you should plan your time. Devote some time on your research regularly. Get a to-do list in order to be more organized while dealing with your project.

Plan your research for a day, a week, a month, or a few months. Try to stick to your plan as much as possible. It is a good idea to plan your research activity at the beginning of each year. You should be strategic about each bit of time available for your research. What is the best usage of your time? Keep in mind that difficult projects require a lengthy period of time. Editing and proofreading will take less time. But if you don’t have time to deal with your project at all, you should consider help from experts.

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