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Programming logic questions are an essential part of homework for a future C++ or Java programmer. You should ensure that you know the fundamentals of programming and can solve problems without API help. Let’s find out what kind of questions you may get and where to find answers to such questions.

programming logic questions

PLC programming questions can be similar to the following one: “How to find if array has duplicates?” Such questions can cause a lot of challenges to future Java developers. One of the main reasons for this situation is Java API. It has methods for almost all needs and you don’t need to write on your own.

A lot of PLC programming questions, answers to which can be found easily, can become too complex and confusing, and also can be follow-up questions and programming test fundamentals. We will not post links to answers here, but we will try to provide you with tips on how to find answers to such questions.

You can also receive help on our site with your PLC programming problems to prepare for any type of programming homework. Also, there are many books that you can find in the local library. Those books can be a great help to you. Read them whenever you need to refresh some concepts. Anyone who is following programming questions should refresh information before he or she starts to complete the assignment.

One of the most common things that you come across while completing your homework is a string. Many students face questions about strings in their assignments. For example:

  • Write code to see if a string is a palindrome or not. You can solve problems by using the StringBuffer reverse() method or any other techniques that are the most suitable for you.
  • Write a method that removes any character from a String. You can do it by converting it into character array and then you should use substring() method to remove them from string.
  • Print the permutation of String in the recursive and iterative way.
  • Find the longest palindrome in a string.
  • Find the first non repeated character of a given String.
  • Convert numeric String to int in Java.
  • Describe the difference between String, StringBuilder and StringBuffer. The main difference is that String is immutable and StringBuilder and StringBuffer are mutable. StringBuffer is synchronized. StringBuilder is not – that’s why it should be used for temporary manipulation.
  • Explain why String is final in Java. It is final because it is immutable. The reasons are String pool implementation, performance, and security. Designers optimize it from the beginning, as they know String is used in each Java program.

There are a lot of other questions that you may have while completing your homework. However, you may not have enough time to deal with all of them. One of the best methods to deal with them successfully is to find help. Let’s find where you can get the most professional help with your PLC homework.

Help With PLC Programming Problems

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