What Is Arithmetic And Where To Find Help With It

What is arithmetic? Arithmetic is a field of mathematics that studies the elementary properties of numbers, ways of recording and operations on them. It is the science of numbers, primarily of natural (positive integer) numbers and (rational) fractions and operations on them. Let’s consider the question deeper.

what is an arithmetic

What Is An Arithmetic

Possession of a well-developed concept of a natural number and the ability to perform actions with the numbers are necessary for practical and cultural activities in life. So knowing what is a arithmetic is an element of pre-school education and a compulsory subject in the school curriculum for all students.

With the help of the natural numbers, many mathematical concepts (for example, the basic concept of mathematical analysis – a real number) are constructed. In this regard, knowing what is arithmatic is one of the basic foundations of knowledge in mathematics. When the emphasis is on the logical analysis of the concept of a number, sometimes the term of theoretical arithmetic is used.

Arithmetic is closely associated with algebra, in which, inter alia, operations on numbers without regard to their individual qualities are studied. Individual properties of integers are the subject of number theory. To understand what does arithmetic study, it is important to learn the history of it.

Originated in ancient times from the practical needs of counting and simple measurements, arithmetic has developed due to the increasing complexity of economic activity and social relations, monetary calculations, the tasks of measuring the distances, time, spaces and requirements that were applied to it by other sciences.

On the origin of counting and the initial stages of the formation of arithmetic, concepts are judged usually according to the observations related to the process of counting of primitive peoples, and indirectly by studying traces of similar steps that have been preserved in the languages of civilized peoples, and observed in the assimilation of these concepts by children.

These findings suggest that the development of those elements of mental activity that underlie in the process of counting, goes through a series of intermediate stages. These include: the ability to recognize one and the same thing and to distinguish objects in a set to be the aggregate of objects; the ability to establish a comprehensive expansion of this set on the elements indistinguishable from each other and at the same time which are equal while counting (using a name “unit” of counting).

The elements of this standard ordered set are words (numerals) used while counting objects of any qualitative nature and corresponding to the formation of an abstract concept of numbers. With a wide variety of conditions, similar features of gradual emergence and improvement of these skills and arithmetic concepts corresponding to them can be observed.

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Where to Find Help With Arithmetic

what does arithmetic

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