Where To Start Learning Math Effectively

Math is an extremely important subject. Math allows us to understand the inner workings of the universe. It shows us our insignificance as well as our remarkable potential. It gives us a hint of the possibilities that exist. And if you know where to start learning math, you can achieve this knowledge without any problems.

Where To Start Learning Math Effectively

Many people don’t know how to start learning math, what books to study, or what topics to begin with. Many students feel intimidated by math – they seem to believe that it is a thing that only the sharpest individuals can understand. But nothing could be further from the truth. Let’s figure out why you are mistaken.

Math may not be the easiest subject that you will ever come across, but it is far from impossible. So, if you want to be a mathematician, or if you simply want to understand the subject and think, “I want to learn math, where do I start?” we know the answer.

  • You have access to free math texts on the Internet.
  • You can visit the site of the Georgia Institute of Technology and find a list of what you should read.
  • You can look for math books in the library.
  • You can hire a tutor with the request, “I need to learn math.”

How to Start Deep Math Learning

Deep math learning has become extremely popular, according to the recent achievements of artificial neural networks across many different tasks. Our article can be a starting point for those students who are interested in learning more about it and for those who think, “I want to learn math deeply.”

We suggest you to start with Stanford’s CS231n if you have a basic understanding of calculus, linear algebra, probability and programming. The notes of the course are well-written and comprehensive. You can also find slides for every lesson. It should be the first site if you wonder where to learn math online.

There is a huge amount of free material online that you can use to get required mathematical knowledge. For example, you need to find the introduction to the linear algebra course, Gilbert Strang’s course can be rather helpful for you. If you need to get knowledge in probability or calculus, edX has the course from MIT that you need. For deep math learning, read through the Deep Learning Book.

If your time is limited, reading popular books will not work for you. Look through undergraduate textbooks and solve the problems. Take into account that the older generation of textbooks are less chatty that the current ones. The Chicago mathematics bibliography can be useful to you. Select one book and try to persevere with it.

Getting into a productive frame of mind will take time. Doing mathematics for a little while every day will not lead to progress and will result in frustration. If you want to learn something new, dedicate a few days to it. If you think, “I learn math, but it is not effective,” then you need to dedicate more time to reading and solving problems.

If you read a text and notice that you don’t understand something, stop and work on your difficulty. You can ask for help on the forums and look for the solution in other books. Never leave a gap, and do not skip more than one exercise in ten.

If you have problems with learning math, we know where you can get help.

Help With Learning Math

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