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There are many questions over fiction that students like you may ask. These questions might concern certain aspects of fiction literature or how to write fiction. Anyway, whatever you are interested in, you can address your questions to our professional tutors as well as to other students on AnswerShark and get a prompt answer that will help you with your studying.

Reading and Understanding Fiction

If you study literature, you have to read a lot. Actually, reading fiction as a student differs from reading fiction in your leisure time. A literature student has to read not only fiction books, but also a dozen analytical articles to learn about the theoretical aspects of literature in a certain period, writing style peculiarities of a certain author, a literary movement, etc. It goes without saying, that this all is a bit time-consuming. Moreover, you should have good memory because you have to retain many details from books, such as: the main characters' names, important plot details, use of literary devices (metaphors, similes, epithets, peculiarities of rhythm and structure, etc.), and many other elements.

Taking the First Steps in Becoming an Author

Aspiring young writers are another group of individuals who may have questions about fiction. The main problem is that even if you have a lot of theoretical knowledge about fiction writing, can distinguish between various writing styles and can identify all their peculiarities, this does not necessarily mean that you have what it takes to write a book. Knowing is not enough in this case – you also have to practice a lot. You also need someone who knows a lot about fiction as well and is willing to review your writing. Having someone give you advice is a great opportunity to help you master the writing skills that culminate into engaging fiction prose. You may not be your best literary critic for various reasons. However, having a critical response from a knowledgeable person is a great opportunity to understand the strengths and weaknesses off your writing style.

We Provide Help with Fiction

If you are experiencing any of the problems we mentioned above, you are welcome to post questions on AnswerShark. Just address your question to your fellow students or one of our professional tutors to get an answer. There are two types of questions you can ask: basic and advanced. Basic questions are free of charge and are visible to everyone on the site. So, any user who is registered with our service can see your question and help you with it. If there are more students who are interested in the question you've asked, they can add their comments as well and join the discussion. Another type of question is the advanced question. If you have a rather complicated task and want someone more experienced to deal with it, you can get help from our tutors. Post your question, add the price you're ready to pay, and watch our writers place their bids. Choose the one with the most suitable skills and the most reasonable price. As you can see, getting help is quite easy.

Our Tutors

We employ a team of tutors who are experienced in their field of study and, therefore, able to provide help within 1-3 hours from the moment you assign one of them to answer your question. We carefully choose tutors for our service by checking their educational background and testing their knowledge. That is why you can be sure that whenever you ask a question on AnswerShark, you will always get an answer of high quality from a well-versed tutor.

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