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Geometry is one of the oldest sub-disciplines of math. It is the study of all possible geometrical figures (ovals, triangles, cubes, spheres, pyramids, etc.). Learning geometry requires developing foundational skills. It also helps to develop logical, problem solving, and analytical skills. The discipline also helps to realize the space around us that accordingly aids us to understand concepts better. What is more important, understanding geometry brings a lot of practical usage, starting from basic activities to the advanced spectacles in our life. The application of geometry may be found everywhere: in architecture, art, astronomy, machines, etc.

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Geometry is comprehensive and one of the most interesting parts of mathematics. It has a lot questions to answer like:

  • How to construct curves, coordinates, triangles, cubes, and lines?
  • How to prove theorems, equalities, expressions, and equations?
  • How to deal with different formulas of areas, lengths, and volumes?
  • How geometry can be applied in real life?
  • What is the difference between plane and solid geometry?
  • What is analytical geometry?

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