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AnswerShark lets you easily connect with a tutor to get an answer to your question or have an online class.
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Step 1.

Request help

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  • Tell us what kind of study problem bothers you. The more detailed your inquiry is, the better our tutors will understand how to help you.

  • Choose between Q&A and online tutoring options. This means you can either post a question and get a reply or hire a tutor to explain, assist, and/or teach you online.

  • Set a date and time by which you'd like to get an answer. Or choose a preferred date and time to have an online class.

  • Name your price, post your question, and receive bids from tutors who are interested in helping you.

Instant help option

If you are in a hurry, you can always use the "Instant Help" option for our Q&A service. Your question will be automatically assigned a tutor who's currently online, so you will not have to wait for the answer long.

Confidentiality guaranteed

Your personal information is safe on our website. Moreover, if you make your question private, no other users will be able to see it. Don't worry, Big Brother isn't watching you.
Step 2.

Choose a tutor

Review tutors and choose the best one

When you post your inquiry, be it a question or a tutoring request, experts who specialize in the subject you specified in the order form will start applying to your order and offer their prices for services based on the amount you specified in the "Desired price" field. After you review all of the bids and find the best option, you can contact the chosen expert directly to discuss the details.

Have questions? Chat with a tutor

Start a chat with your chosen expert to inform him or her about your expectations of how the answer should look. Or, if you are requesting an online lesson, you can discuss the exact time and date when the lesson should take place.

Choose a tutor you like directly

If you liked working with a certain expert, or would like to work with one of our top-rated experts, you can always request a specific tutor. Even though you address your request to one expert, your order still becomes visible to others, and available for bidding.
Step 3.

Get help

A tutor will write an answer

A tutor you've chosen will write an answer to your question. Feel free to comment on a tutor's answer using the chat window, share your ideas on the subject, or attach additional files.

Have an online class with a tutor

You'll attend a class with our tutor in a virtual classroom. With features like video/audio communication, a whiteboard, file sharing, and media playback, you'll be able to gain a deeper understanding of any problem.
Step 4.

Pay when you're satisfied

You are in full control regarding payments. After you choose a tutor, the respective sum of money on your account will be put on hold, but not paid to a tutor yet. In fact, you are the one to decide when your goals are met and when to pay your tutor.

Approve & pay

If you're satisfied with an answer you got, or you liked an online class, you can release the sum of money you agreed upon.


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Tell others what you liked or disliked about working with your tutor. Your feedback will help our tutors improve, and let other users find out more about our service.
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