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Qualities of an A-Level Marketing Research Paper

Every professor and teacher has his or her own ways to evaluate your writing. Some of them focus on the writing style, while others pay attention to your ideas and personal opinion. However, we can define the qualities that are essential for the majority of instructors. Check your research paper on marketing for the following qualities:

  • Narrow and appropriate topic

An attractive topic is one of the most important elements of your paper. It has to be interesting to you, as working on a subject you don’t like is exhausting. Don’t pick a broad topic! You won’t be able to develop it in your short marketing essay.

  • Clear thesis statement

When you formulate your thesis statement, you establish the structure of the whole paper. You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of your statement. It has to be relevant to your writing, so check it before submitting your paper!

  • Reliable sources

Gathering information isn’t that difficult today, as we have the internet. Unfortunately, online sources aren’t always reliable. You have to use only trustworthy websites such as online-encyclopedias, scientific journals, reputable newspapers, etc.

  • Logical structure

An outline will help you to structure your thoughts and make your writing smooth and understandable. Your marketing research paper should include the title page, introduction, main body, conclusion, and works cited page.

  • Compelling arguments

When you make suggestions in your essay, you have to support your ideas with pieces of evidence: real-life examples, statistical data, facts, etc. Without convincing arguments, your writing will be weak and baseless.

  • Separated paragraphs

The main body of your marketing essay should be well structured. Stick to the following rule: one point = one paragraph. Otherwise, your readers won’t be able to follow your logic.

  • Concise conclusion

To make a good overall impression, you have to finish your essay with a clear conclusion. Your readers shouldn’t ask themselves the question, “so what?” when they finish reading your essay. Remind them why your writing is worth their time, and what they’ve learned from it.

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If you have difficulties with picking a topic, we recommend you to check our collection below.

10 Top Topics for Your Marketing Essay

Marketing is an endless source of topics for your papers. New concepts, phenomena, and strategies in this sphere appear almost every day. We’ve gathered topics that you may try for your marketing papers. Get some inspiration right here!

  1. Digital marketing

Every company has to be present on the internet. Otherwise, it doesn’t exist for the customers. Digital marketing uses technologies to promote products and services online.

  1. Marketing communications

This topic includes a wide range of the channels and tools that marketing experts use to deliver messages to their targeted audience, business partners, media, sponsors, etc. You can write about advertising, emailing, charity, and other marketing tools.

  1. Direct marketing

The primary purpose of direct marketing is to build business relationships directly with your customers and without any retailers. You can describe direct emails, phone calls, coupons, and other techniques in your research papers on marketing.

  1. Marketing strategies

You need a plan to promote your company or product successfully. Every marketing strategy is a specific approach with particular advantages and disadvantages. You have to take both positive and negative qualities of the strategy into consideration when you compose the essay on this topic.

  1. Community marketing

This type of marketing focuses on social engagement with existing customers. The companies that use this approach define the needs of their clients with the help of social media networking and surveys and try to meet their aspirations.

  1. Online advertising

Advertising on the internet is an indispensable part of modern marketing. Social media, forums, and blogs are perfect places for advertisement, as they have high visit rates. Marketing experts provide the analysis of the target audience, pick the websites for advertising, and then review the results.

  1. Marketing campaigns

A marketing campaign is a complex structure that is worth analyzing. You can pick a particular international or local campaign as a topic for your marketing essay. This subject can also serve as an excellent theme for a case study.

  1. Relationship marketing

Open communication and customer loyalty are two main principles of the relationship marketer. This strategy is based on a long-term engagement with clients rather than on product advertising.

  1. Ethical marketing

If you pick this aspect, you will certainly surprise your instructor. People rarely think about ethical problems when it comes to marketing. However, advertising can influence public opinion, so ethics should be an essential part of this discipline.

  1. Guerrilla marketing

This type of marketing is extremely useful when a large budget isn’t available. Guerrilla marketing is a mix of creativity, bold statements, and unique ideas so your marketing paper will be 100% exciting if you choose this topic.

We hope that you’ll create the most outstanding marketing paper of all time. Remember that the first step on your academic path is the most challenging.

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