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Poetry and Prose

A student who studies literature has a great opportunity to become familiar with the best examples of literary masterpieces. However, people often have a rather rudimentary understanding of what a student of literature has to study. This does not mean that all the studying is limited to mere reading and discussing books. Actually, a student of literature has to write numerous essays, articles, and research papers where he or she needs to dwell on topics like stylistic peculiarities of literature within a certain period (i.e. stylistic means and devices), type of narration, verse form, meter, etc. That is why students have to find answers to many prose and poetry questions.

Poetry and Prose Assignments

A typical situation is as follows: You are assigned a certain task, such as analyzing a certain aspect of literature of French realism and naturalism. You have to read a number of books to analyze Zola, Flaubert, Balzac, or Stendhal. No doubt that this takes considerable time. Moreover, you may come across ideas and concepts you do not completely understand. For example, if you would like to understand more on how the political situation in 19th century France influenced its literature, you need to have at least a basic knowledge of that history. Sometimes reading an article in Wikipedia is not enough to grasp the main idea. What is the best solution for such a problem? For those looking for prose and poetry help, we recommend AnswerShark. It is a site where you can always find answers to your prose questions as well as poetry questions.

How We Can Help

AnswerShark is a website that allows students to ask questions and receive answers from both fellow students as well as professional tutors. Need poetry help? We have a poetry tutor who is experienced and, therefore, prepared to answer your questions and provide all kinds of poetry help with any of your tasks. All you need to do is to register at our website and post your question.

Types of Questions

There are two options available on our website – basic and advanced questions. The first one is free of charge. You just type a question, post it, and wait for somebody to respond. The advantage of such posting a basic question is that all students can share their opinions concerning the problem, join in discussions, and form a knowledge database. Other students can search for questions they are interested in, as well. For example, if you're looking for poetry answers, you might not need to post a new question since chances are that somebody has already done so previously. In such a case, you can use search options and find poetry answers in which you are interested.

Another type of question is the advanced one. The difference is that you need to pay for it, but you will get an answer from an experienced tutor within 1-3 hours. The process of placing an order is simple: type your question, choose a discipline, and set the desired price you are prepared to pay. Once you do this, our tutors will see if the question matches their skills and specialization, and if it does, they will place a bid, in other words, offer the price they would like to charge for your question. Then it's up to you whom to choose. Chat with tutors, ask about their previous experience and educational background to see if the person is a perfect fit for your particular task. After you have made a choice, the tutor will answer your question. You can also upload files and give additional instructions to the tutor as needed. After the tutor provides an answer to your question, rate the tutor and provide your feedback. As you can see, getting help with your study questions is easy and affordable.

Choosing a Suitable Tutor

Probably, you are here because you are looking for a poetry tutor to get poetry analysis help or help with some other related task. The first question you might ask is “Do you really have a poetry helper who is qualified and experienced enough to help me?” Chances are we have dozens of such poetry tutors. In order to be employed by us, a tutor must prove that he or she has the required skills and expertise for the designated area of study. We carefully check tutors' credentials to be sure they are able to provide help of high quality to our customers. Who are our tutors? Well, they live in various countries and are of different ages, but what they have in common is their professionalism. They might be university professors, work as experts in certain areas, or have other kinds of knowledge and skills in addition to the tutoring area they have chosen to provide on our website. All these people are ready to lend you a helping hand whenever you need it. If you want to get to know a tutor better in order to check whether he or she meets your requirements, you are always welcome to use the chat feature.

Why AnswerShark Is Useful

When launching our website, we thought of all the issues a student may face: lack of time, having to deal with multiple assignments at the same time, highly complicated tasks, and the need to have someone who can explain them. Well, we really hope that AnswerShark will make the process of studying at least a little bit easier for you. We know that searching for answers on the web is not always a way out. First of all, it can take too long to find what you want. Secondly, you need sources of information that you can trust. Also, it's not always possible to ask your classmates or a teacher for assistance. So, AnswerShark is the best option. Have a question? Ask our tutor and get an answer in 1-3 hours. The process is simple and can make your studying easier while helping you to improve your grades.

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