Are there any photography techniques that would help me make my photos ...

Are there any photography techniques that would help me make my photos look more professional and interesting?
Posted by Charlie Harris on 2 years ago


Indeed, there are a variety of techniques that can help you improve your photography significantly. Many of them are of a kind usually called, “easy to learn - hard to master,” but if you practice them a lot, they will surely help you become a better photographer. Below are listed some of the most popular methods used in photoshooting. - One of the classic techniques used when shooting an object in movement is to leave more of an empty space in the direction in which the object is moving. For example, if a biker in the viewfinder of your camera moves to the right, leave more free space in the right. This is a nice way to convey the feeling of movement and make the photo more dynamic. - Blur the background. The aperture of your camera is a great tool for capturing the most important part of portrait photos, while making all the details you do not want to see behind the person you are shooting. - Curvy lines can provide additional volume and dynamics to your photography. A nice idea would also be to “follow” the direction in which the line goes. - Placing an object in the foreground when shooting landscapes. A landscape is a rather peculiar genre, especially for the beginners; sometimes it can be difficult to find the center of composition due to the high number of objects in the frame. If you run into a nice view you would like to capture, but there are no specific landmarks that could serve as the center of the composition (such as a lake or a mountain), find an interesting object - a rock, an old snag, or something like this - and place it in the foreground of the frame. This will balance your composition, and also provide your photo with additional depth and diversity. - Use the rule of the thirds. It is a simplified version of the famous da Vinci’s “Golden Section,” and is widely used in photography and visual arts. When shooting something, in your imagination you should divide the frame in nine equal sections with two vertical and two horizontal lines. Locate the scene center(s) in one or several intersections of these lines. Also, make sure to allocate lines and surfaces of the scene you are shooting (for example, a skyline with a tree) along these imaginary lines. This will result into more professional-looking and balanced photos. - When shooting multiple objects (for example, berries), it is better when they are in uneven numbers. Three or five berries will look better on the photo, than four or two. This rule works for both animate and inanimate objects. - Use frames. For example, if you are shooting cityscape from your window, take a step back so there is not only the cityscape in your viewfinder, but the window frame as well. This technique makes photos more vivid and lively.
Answered by Misterin  on Apr 11, 2016
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