How can I improve my English speaking skills?

Posted by Isobel Hansen on 1 year ago


Using the language is the best way! Moreover, the greatest option is to combine all the sorts of its expression, whether it is written or spoken. When a person learns to speak a language, this habit must be developed in all the possible directions, not only one of them.

Answered by msage982  on Mar 12, 2018

Yes, you do not need to be afraid to speak up. You may google where to find the native speakers who are willing to share their knowledge and learn the language you speak.

Answered by david rock music lover  on Nov 28, 2016
There is no secret here--if you want to speak English better, you must start speaking it. This means: do not be afraid of the mistakes you will (definitely) make; do not be afraid to sound crude, funny, or unskillful. The main purpose of any language is to communicate a message, so for starters it is enough if another person understands what you say. Watch movies in English, paying attention to phrasing, idioms, and words characters use; find an online pen pal whom you will be able to chat with in English; translate your own thoughts into English. Seek every small chance to practice, and in about 4-6 months you will be able to speak much better.
Answered by Adão Fogaça  on Jul 7, 2016
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