How can I make my story more engaging for readers?

Posted by Albane Berger on 2 years ago


Write with your heart. Reveal your thoughts as they are, not trying to adept them to anyone's taste. A good thought will always awake an echo in someone's heart. And while choosing your genre, try to focus on your target audience preferred one. You choose your reader yourself when you choose the direction you want to write in, so try to always write about things you're really into, it will make your work encouraging and fascinating to those who know how many beans make five. Good luck!

Answered by msage982  on Mar 19, 2018
Here is some advice that might help you create better stories:
- Use active verbs, and avoid using passive voice. If you can add “by John Smith” to your sentence and it makes sense--rewrite it.
- Make descriptions vivid, but do not pile them up on the heads of your readers. In other words, describe only distinctive features, “paint with large strokes,” so to say, and don’t make them numerous. Describe only what is necessary to describe.
- Substitute “thought” verbs with the situations that illustrate them.This advice belongs to Chuck Palahniuk, and is one hell of a true writer’s wisdom. Whenever you feel like saying something like “Jack felt worried, because his cousin was late for dinner” substitute the verb “worried” with Jack’s actual thoughts, images of his cousin getting into trouble, and so on. Show, do not tell.
- Plan your stories in advance. A plot developing impromptu may have some magic in it, but there are high chances that you will simply lose yourself in your own story. To avoid this, first plan how things are going to develop, and then write.
- Do not edit while still being in the process of writing. Editing and writing are two different processes, and by mixing them together, you put yourself at risk of failing at both
Answered by Victoria  on Apr 22, 2016
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