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I need to prepare a speech in front of a big audience. How can I write ...

I need to prepare a speech in front of a big audience. How can I write a speech properly, and how can I beat my speaking fears?
Posted by Adam Busch on 1 year ago


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Answered by david rock music lover  on Dec 15, 2016
The key to preparing a successful speech is knowing your audience. Depending on the occasion/topic/event, your audience may be different. For example, a graduation speech will be mostly of interest for students; a speech on recent scientific discoveries will be interesting to popular science enthusiasts; talking about gerontology might be of interest to elder people, and so on. When thinking of the topic for your speech, you should pay attention to the age, gender, and occupation of the major part of your audience. Gender, for example, is important in terms of the style of your argumentation: women tend to be more susceptible to emotional arguments, whereas men are mostly convinced by logic. The average age of an audience is important to know about, because you can use cultural references that refer to your audience. Finally, their occupation directly influences the topic choice.

The rest is simple, and is more or less similar to writing an academic essay. You must direct your audience’s attention to the topic, provide some background and contextual information on it, and finish the introduction with a clear thesis statement. Then you present your arguments, and make a conclusion, briefly summing up the key points of your speech. Do not forget to add some friendly jokes to keep your audience’s attention “warm.”

As for the speaking fear, there is no universal technique that is applicable to everyone. The most common is repeating your speech in front of a mirror several times. However, more efficient might be to pretend that you are addressing your speech to only three-four people. During your speech, find a random person in the crowd, and for some time look at them when speaking. Then shift your focus to a different person, and so on. This is psychologically easier than trying to grasp the whole audience with your attention.
Answered by Tsiett  on May 31, 2016
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