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Is there a simple way to learn how to use participles properly? ...

Posted by Lidório Fogaça on 1 year ago


Fortunately, there is. A participle is a verb used to describe a noun, but not in terms of quality (like adjectives do) but in terms of what this noun is doing. For this purpose, you need to follow the scheme: verb + -ing + noun. Or this one: a noun (+ that/which/who is/are, if needed) + verb + -ing. This is for forming a participle in present tense. As for a past participle, the schemes are the same--you just need to substitute -ing with one of the endings used in the past forms of the verbs (like -ed, -en, and so on). Here are some examples that might help you understand participles better:
- The sun shining bright on this winter day made me feel a bit better.
- That girl flirting with a customer is our waitress.
- A person spending time studying has more chances to make a good living rather than the one striving to live in leisure.
Answered by ProfTutor199  on Jun 10, 2016
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