Is there a way I can deal with procrastination? I have an exam soon, b ...

Is there a way I can deal with procrastination? I have an exam soon, but I just can’t force myself to start studying!
Posted by Erin Reed on 1 year ago


There are a lot of different suggestions and pieces of advice on how to overcome this state, and I've personally realized that the one of the ways which is general for all of these suggestions, is getting rid of all the distractions. The most effective means for that is meditation. As you meditate, you gradually feel that you are ready to do anything you were putting away for a long time, because with meditation comes comfort, calmness and joy.

Answered by msage982  on Mar 12, 2018

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Answered by david rock music lover  on Nov 28, 2016
The best way to beat procrastination (subjectively) is to create a detailed plan of your tasks and activities - with a time table - and focus all your will on following its points. Use stickers with reminders to follow your plan; always keep your plan in mind. Let your plan become a new multiplication table for you. Every time you feel like distracting, remind yourself to first finish a task you are currently working on. Procrastination is all about distraction and small pleasures, so your creed should be something like, “Work first, have fun later.”
Answered by Anna Bowman  on Jul 13, 2016
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