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My parents say that playing video games will ruin my life. Is it true? ...

My parents say that playing video games will ruin my life. Is it true?
Posted by Sandra Herrera on 1 year ago


Yes. If you keep playing. People die playing games. They become malnourished or get seizures. There is a good game, it is called Kingdom of Loathing. When I played they had daily restrictions.

Answered by maxway  on Sep 20, 2017
We do not have anything against video games unless they do not harm any other real-life activities. We live in an age when virtual reality is gradually becoming as real as the world around us. To prevent your parents from worrying, prove to them that you have other interests too, and that video games is not the only hobby of yours. Show them your good grades at school/college so that they know that games do not affect your education negatively; go outdoors with friends; participate in social activities. In other words, live a full life, in which video games would be just a fun way to spend an hour or two with friends. This does not mean that your parents are wrong, though; it is true that excessive gaming negatively affects a person’s real life, causing a number of problems such as social detachment, breaking up/divorce, financial problems (this especially refers to MMO games, which need a lot of money to be paid regularly), communication issues, having a bad reputation among peers, and so on. Polish people have a wise saying: “What is superfluous is bad for you.” Keep this rule in mind when you play video games.
Answered by Morgan Mercier  on Jul 16, 2016
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