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Our teacher speaks too fast, so I simply cannot record everything he s ...

Our teacher speaks too fast, so I simply cannot record everything he says. I am using a pretty comfortable laptop, but he is just reading his lectures too fast.
Posted by Sofia Møller on 1 year ago


Is it necessary to record absolutely everything he says? You may just take notes of the most important things, or, if it is appropriate, come to him right after the lecture and try saying you didn't manage to catch all the necessary information and that you would like to revise the material once again if it's possible.

Answered by msage982  on Mar 12, 2018
First of all, I would recommend you to stop using a laptop for records. Yes, it is the 21st century outside, and for youth it might seem strange to record something with a pen on paper, but the truth is that handwriting is much more comfortable and fast in terms of writing something down. When writing, you can make contractions, use drawings, highlight important moments instantly, structure your records more easily, substitute certain words with pictures, and so on, For example, when I was a student, I always substituted the words “human,” or “people,” or “individuals” with a simple Chinese character 人. Words like “respectively,” “as we can see from everything said above,” “as a result” I would substitute with →. I used a lot of other symbols, so I could literally write things down with the same speed as the lecturers were speaking. Using such pictograms is possible on a laptop as well, but it is way faster to draw them rather than search for the needed keys. Besides, I would recommend you to write down not just everything your professors say, but only the most important information. In their lectures, they often use the so called “marker words” - words that mean that a professor is going to list some key points (like, “there were several reasons for X to happen,” or “the outcomes of Y were tragic,” and so on). Marker words can help you understand whether a professor is going to make a conclusion, or starts listing reasons/outcomes of something, or provides background information, and so on. Respectively, you can write down his words in a form of a jotted list, or a diagram, etc. Anyways, when recording with a pen, you will need to be fast and creative, but this method is still much better than using a laptop.
Answered by Maria Poulsen  on Jun 24, 2016
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