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What are the effects of global warming?

Posted by Becky Horton on 1 year ago


During the 21st century, the average temperature is expected to rise by approximately 1. 8° because of greenhouse gases and the effect industries have on the atmosphere and ecosystems of Earth. Arctic glaciers will melt faster, causing the ocean level to rise by one meter or more; this will put coastal countries such as Japan, Great Britain, New Zealand, or the Netherlands, at risk of floods. Approximately 30-40% of species and ecosystems might become extinct due to the dramatic changes in their habitats. Precipitation in already arid areas such as Africa or Central Asia will become even more rare, whereas in other regions of the world, it might become so intense that it would lead to catastrophic consequences. In any case, the effects of global warming will be devastating for life as we know it today.
Answered by GlobalTutor  on May 7, 2016
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