What are the main causes of depression?

Posted by Roope Karjala on 2 years ago


Among the causes of depression, most frequently scientists often name a variety of psychological problems--self-esteem being the main cause. A person with low self-esteem tends to expect the worst from other people and the environment, and has little to no belief in their own strengths and positive qualities. This can lead to developing avoiding behaviors, social isolation and anxiety, social phobia, and other psychological problems resulting in depression. Stress is another major factor for depression: problems at work, family tragedies, difficult situations in life, divorce or death--all this can lead to depression. Some people can be genetically prone to developing depressive conditions, although it does not mean that a person with such proneness will necessarily become depressive. And, surprisingly, gender can also be a risk factor for developing depression; according to some studies, women tend to have depression more often than men.
Answered by Themistoclea  on May 15, 2016
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