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What are the most common marketing strategies used by fast food restau ...

What are the most common marketing strategies used by fast food restaurants?
Posted by Manuel Jordan on 2 years ago


It is not a secret that many of those small but pleasant features many companies offer to their clients nowadays are in fact thoroughly planned and carefully implemented marketing strategies, whose purpose is rather simple: to attract customers and make them loyal to a company. Fast food restaurants are not an exception, so the next time you go to your favorite pizzeria, you might want to analyze its services from a slightly different perspective than usual. - Fast food restaurants often position themselves as places where whole families can gather and spend their leisure time. Hence, a lot of strategies fast food restaurants implement consider this. Appealing to children is probably the most popular method. All kinds of collectibles such as action figures, cards, toys, and so on; “happy birthday” parties with special menus, balloons, and entertainers; colorful boxes and packages fast food restaurants wrap meals in - all these are elements of a marketing strategy aimed at children. Appealing to family values, quality time spent together with those you love, “happy family weekends” in McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, etc. are also nothing more than marketing strategies. - All kinds of loyalty programs are widely used by fast food restaurants all over the world. One of the most popular ways of implementing this marketing strategy is providing visitors with rollup discount cards. At first, such card provides only a small percentage of discounts - say, 3%. When you spend enough money in a fast food restaurant, this percentage increases slightly; so, the more you buy in this particular restaurant, the “cheaper” food becomes for you. Another similar method is based on the frequency of a client’s visits. - Charity is not only a nice way to collect money in favor of those in need, but also an effective marketing strategy. A restaurant participating in a charity program can count on people spending more money in it, or becoming more loyal to this restaurant.
Answered by devil-writer  on Apr 17, 2016
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