What are the most difficult things for an amateur writer to write abou ...

What are the most difficult things for an amateur writer to write about?
Posted by Sergio Aguilar on 2 years ago


Let me paraphrase your question a bit. What is the most diffucult for a student to write? I am sure lots of us struggle with essay writing not because of the lack of time but because of the strict requirements. Good that there are lots of online writing services like Prime Writing site. They are available 24/7 and you do no t need to worry about the deadline with them.

Answered by Bill Shanigan  on Nov 27, 2017
Subjectively, every author has their own favorite subject that he or she knows a lot about, and which it is easy for him or her to write about. Someone might have a rich imagination but have completely no talent for creating interesting stories, so the easiest part for such a writer would be describing appearances, sights, interiors, and so on, but the plot would be boring. Another writer might be keen on psychology, so creating motivation for characters and analyzing their thinking processes would not be a problem for him or her; however, for such writers, it might be difficult to make their story more dynamic and vivid. On the other hand, however, objectively one of the most complicated parts of writing is composing dialogues; for some reason, people write in a manner sometimes totally different from their usual speaking one. As a result, dialogues in the novels by amateur writers often sound crude and unnatural; another typical mistake is expressing everything a character thinks about through a dialogue. Apart from dialogues, making a plot wholesome and logical, and fixing all the inconsistencies that are present in the text is also a challenging task.
Answered by rainforest  on Apr 14, 2016
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