What English (or American) writer would you recommend to read and why? ...

What English (or American) writer would you recommend to read and why? Any genre will do.
Posted by Lily Roy on 2 years ago


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Answered by david rock music lover  on Dec 16, 2016
We would like to recommend you to read Isaac Asimov’s works, especially his monumental series “The Foundation.” Isaac Asimov was not only a writer, but also a real scientist, so all of his works are soaked with science (although, unlike Arthur Clark, it is easier to understand). He did not just write about the future, and spaceflights, and robots, but approached these topics with a significant share of philosophical analysis, so his novels often sound like predictions. At the same time, Asimov was a truly brilliant writer who managed to write about complicated things in simple language, and whose stories were always exciting. In our opinion, “Foundation” is the pinnacle of his oeuvre--an incredibly large scale chronicle of events of a distant future (about 20,000 AC), written with scrupulous attention to details and logic; all the books combined form a complicated, intertwined but engaging canvas of humanity’s fate and future. Since Asimov wrote in the 1960’s through the 1980’s, he just could not know about the technological novelties of today. For example, in his universe, people still read paper books--but in general, the trends he described could be much closer to reality than it seems. Isaac Asimov’s books are a wonderful intellectual reading, and don’t let its belonging to the sci-fi genre deceive you: it is serious, solid literature, perfect for a curious, intellectual mind.
Answered by Auburnia  on Jun 13, 2016
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