What hobby should I choose? I feel like I could do something creative, ...

What hobby should I choose? I feel like I could do something creative, but I do not feel interested in anything specific.
Posted by Holly Curtis on 1 year ago


Try thinking about the final product you'd like to get. For example, you'd like to have your own collection of dresses, you may undertake some sewing classes and learn how to do that professionally. It is just an example, of course. My point is that you need to focus on what you want to see in the end and start going for it.

Answered by msage982  on Mar 12, 2018

Filippa has many wise reasons in her answer. Much depends on our will. If we want something much, it will come. As the variant, you may check what your friends do. Being and creating something in a company is always fun.

Answered by Bill Shanigan  on Nov 27, 2017
And you probably won’t, at least unless you adhere to this mentality. This is a psychological trait that many people share, and the first reason why books on motivation are so popular: we tend to think that in order to start doing something, we must want to do it first. The truth is that most often you will feel motivation and energy to do something only when you start doing it. It is a very simple rule, but when it is ignored, a person can easily label themselves as “lazy” and “unable to do anything.” The second reason why you cannot choose a hobby is that there are too many options, which you try to grasp with your mind, which you think about over and over again, and which (as you are subconsciously afraid of) might happen to be what is called “the wrong direction.” The only wrong direction you can take is the one that harms yourself or other people. The rest is all yours. Start writing a novel--it is the most accessible hobby nowadays, since all it needs is a computer (or, if you don’t have one, a piece of paper and a pen). Start painting. Start collecting stamps. Start fishing. Whatever. The more you learn about a chosen field, the more enthusiastic you will become about it, and the more motivated you will feel. For example, when starting to take photos, you might feel that they are not unique; however, when you learn about the basics of composition, master the basics of shooting in manual mode, and when you notice that your photos are gradually becoming better and better, then you will feel enthusiasm. This enthusiasm will push you forward, so you will learn more, open new horizons to yourself, and thus become better in photography (or any other occupation you choose). This is the only way it works. First action, then inspiration. Otherwise, it is unlikely that a book would ever be written.
Answered by Filippa Madsen  on Jul 18, 2016
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