What is procrastination, and how can one overcome it?

Posted by Eino Saksa on 2 years ago


Procrastination is a regular postponing of urgent things that an individual must do. People of all ages and occupations are subjected to procrastination. A procrastinator is not necessarily lazy; he or she just might be unable to focus on current tasks, preferring instant pleasure (browsing the Internet, Facebook, video games, and so on) to concentration and hard work. One of the possible techniques to overcome procrastination is to “create” periods of work and rest; it is important that there is more time allocated for work than for rest, however. Sticking to such a schedule might boost productivity. Another technique is to postpone pleasures instead of duties; pleasure, in this case, becomes a reward rather than a distraction. However, without a bit of discipline and determination, these technique might lose their effectiveness.
Answered by FireBird  on May 26, 2016
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