Why are there so many bullies in schools? What can be done about it? ...

Posted by Ines Santiago on 1 year ago


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Answered by maxway  on Sep 20, 2017
Bullying is indeed a big problem for American schools. According to the statistics, around 30% of the students of middle and high school were bullied by their counterparts at least once in a semester. It is hard to say that all bullies come from dysfunctional families ; on the contrary, they come from different social backgrounds. It is also surprising that students who were bullied, can in different circumstances act as bullies themselves. Most likely, bullying occurs as a result of a student’s desire to establish themselves in school hierarchy; to mask their own uncertainty and anxiety; or a desire to discharge their anger and frustration on those who are weaker. Research shows that the victims of bullying often suffer from sleeping disorders, eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. What is surprising though is that bullies also often suffer from the same symptoms. So, the reason jf bullying might be hidden in the personality and background of each particular bully. The best what you can do is to teach your child some self-defense techniques, and psychologically prepare him/her to a possible fight. A child should be able to defend themselves, and often it is the most effective way to establish oneself in school hierarchy. It is useless to hope that the problem will disappear on its own, or that children in the class will respect each other. Children (mostly teens) have always been rioting and struggling for hierarchy; it is a natural period that occurs in life of every child. No mom or dad can walk this path instead of their children; if you delegate this responsibility to his/her teachers, the outcomes will probably not be good (however, you can inform your child’s teachers about bullying).
Answered by Ricky Mills  on Jul 10, 2016
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