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Why do students hate studying?

Posted by Emma Johnson on 1 year ago


Because they have better things to do

Answered by mariamdramani  on Oct 6, 2017
Usually, studying is not fun for students because they: 1) tend to perceive it as work (which, besides, does not bring them money); cannot see the perspective of its use--why, actually, they need to study; 3) feel that studying methods and approaches their teachers use are boring. When a student sees studying as an obligatory routine, he or she cannot hardly say it is fun. Trying to force such a student into studying or persuade him/her is often pointless; more effective would be to enable new studying methods, making education more engaging, playful, and interactive. One thing is to tell students about the digestion system of a whale--the other is to show it to them using touchscreen applications, for example. Combining such an approach with explanation, and showing how and when this knowledge can become applicable (and why should each particular student want to know this or that), a teacher might make students enjoy studying more.
Answered by olkaolenka  on May 29, 2016
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