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The subjects of the professional work of social studies are: individuals, families, groups and communities in need of social support, assistance, protection and social services; groups of social institutions of culture; non-governmental organizations (foundations, associations, unions); experts and divisions of institutions, organizations, social services, social security, pensions, health, education and culture, and socially oriented business. If you decide to study social studies, you will be faced with many of these aspects and concepts. Consequently, it is quite important to know how to deal with social studies questions while completing your homework.

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Students of social studies prepare for the following types of professional activities: social and technological, organizational and managerial, and researching. Specific social studies questions which can be included in the homework are determined by the professor in conjunction with the students, and can be rather difficult to answer.

If you receive a practical task and need to find social studies answers, your homework can be organized on the basis of modern methods of receiving, processing and storage of scientific information on social work in the region, and the country. You may participate in the development of policies and concrete programs of social work in the supervised region and country. You may conduct independent and creative research on the analysis of the main trends of development of the theory and practice of social work in the region, and country. You should study the legal framework of social work, its methods and forms of protection of the rights of the population.

If you get short questions, they are probably an important part of your grades. Such questions are mainly asked from definitions. You simply need to prepare important definitions from your subject. One of the most important things while answering big questions is dividing your answer in short meaningful paragraphs. In between your paragraphs, there should be important points which are marked with bullets. Underline important words with a pencil, and include sub-headings in your answers. Don't forget to check all the answers. Social studies is closely bounded with history—that's why sometimes you should find social studies answers connected with events in the past. If these questions are too difficult for you, you can use our help.

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