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Application Letter for Scholarship Sample

Lilian Reddred P.O. BOX 43555-3434 Arizona, Phoenix, 99504 11-06-2013 University of Oxford P.O. BOX 347447-1234 UK 383899 Dear Scholarship Committee, RE: APPLICATION FOR SCHOLARSHIP My name is Lilian Reddred. I am writing this letter to apply for a scholarship at the University of Oxford in order to further my studies and pursue a master’s degree in biology. My specialization is archaeobiology. Having completed my degree course in biology from the University of California, I feel that pursuing archaeobiology would be…

Job Application Letter Sample

MERCY JOHNSONS                                                                              31 JUNE, 2010 8521 UPPER HILL STREET LAVINGTON RACECOURSE, TV 72109 MR. PETER STOCKMANN 2314 WEST LANDS STREET EAST LEIGH, FI 87319 Dear Mr. Peter Stockmann, RE: APPLICATION FOR A JOB I am writing to apply for the job of…

Application Letter Sample

Biosciences PhD Admissions                                                                  January 12, 2013 University of Wisconsin-Madison 1432 Genetics-Biotechnology Building 1265 Welsh Road, MSOB X2C34 Madison, CA 94305-5421 Dear Sir or Madam: I, Adam Finberg, am applying to your PhD program in genetics with a specialization in molecular evolution that starts in September, 2013. My career…

University Application Letter Sample

P.O. Box 5698 1220 Student Activities Building South Washington University 515 East Jefferson Street. Seattle, WA, 98177 Nicholas Fergeson 18274 Riner Street. Edmonds, WA, 98117 Dear Sir or Madam, I am a recent graduate from Edmonds-Woodway High School, attaining honors and being enlisted on the Dean’s List. It has been my desire and childhood dream to study the shifts and causes in global economic markets in order to provide African countries with a viable economic edge. After receiving my high…


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