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Why Leaders Lose Their Way By Bill George

Understanding of the Self in the Article Why Leaders Lose Their Way By Bill George According to Bill George, many leaders do not reason properly before they get into leadership positions. Leadership comes from one’s inner self and cannot be faked, nor can one pretend to be a leader. Many people enter the leadership field for money, prestige and power. Once a person is in a leadership position, they forget the virtues and values of those they stand for and…

Why We Travel By Paul Theroux

Why We Travel By Paul Theroux: Prejudices and Traveling Paul Theroux in Why We Travel explains why humans travel to various places, ranging from developing countries to dangerous locations. Paul Theroux supplies readers with enriching encounters of visiting places with complex political histories and with deep and current discords. Theroux claims we travel to either find ourselves or lose ourselves, and through travel experiences, we open up our consciousnesses (Theroux, 1996). Theroux opined about the great pleasure of changing air,…

“The Benefits of Being Introverted at Work” by Sonia Acosta

In our contemporary world, which is run by the active, sociable and confident extroverts, it seems that there are not many evident benefits to being an introvert. What is more, it is believed that in the extroverted business world, introverts have to survive. Sonia Acosta, in her article “The Benefits of Being Introverted at Work” for CareerBuilder is ready to argue with this statement. In her piece of writing, Acosta does not investigate the nature of being an introvert and…

Why Do People Immigrate To Other Countries?

People move to other countries for a variety of reasons. The desire to leave their countries of origin is triggered by diverse needs and aspirations. An individual can choose to leave their country of origin to seek a better livelihood, to live with loved ones, or retain safety. Immigration to other countries is not a simple task. While some people immigrate into other countries using genuine means, others prefer to access such countries using illegal means. Illegal immigration poses many…

How to Write an Article Review and Make the Process Easier

Article Review Definition An article review is an evaluation and summary of a writer’s article. To publish an article in a special journal, first you need to worry about having a review of it. If the last one is not drawn up in accordance with existing rules, the article will not be published. In fact, peer review is a kind of procedure, a kind of filter for articles on which publishing the article depends. We will tell you today about…

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