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Acknowledgement Letter Example

Melbourne Walmart Supercenter, Store #1702                     7th June, 2013 1000 N. Wickham Rd. Melbourne, Australia Phone number: (321) 242-1601 Dear Customer, I am the managing director of the Walmart Supercenter Store. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the letter you sent us. This is in regards to the complaint you raised regarding one of our products. As a company, we realize how frustrating it has been for…

Sponsor Inquiry Letter Sample

Kelly Prinx NGO Help for Orphans 75 Oxford Street London 56789 Phone +7445780086 helpfororphans@mail.com Ronald Evans World Children’s Foundation 145 Victory Street Birmingham 34565 Dear Mr. Evans, I am the Executive Director of the NGO Help for Orphans. With regard to your article in the newspaper ‘The Sunday Times’ on the 15th of May, I would like to inquire whether you are kindly willing to be our sponsor and allocate an investment of $50,000 to help orphans in Tennessee, and…

Adjustment Letter Example

Michele Cain Barclays Bank P.O. Box 43844-64000 Re: Refusal Adjustment Letter Dear Boris Lieznov, I have received your complaint letter expressing your discontent about the denial of credit by our institution. Thank you for expressing your concerns through your complaint. For the immense value we place on you as our customer, we take it as our responsibility to ensure that you are satisfied with our services and get assistance whenever you visit our offices. From your account of your problem,…

Follow-Up Letter

Colin Gilmort                                                                           December 12, 2012 Sales Manager Hilarious Techs Inc. 6698 Green Ave. Birmingham, MA 11144 Mr. Philip Brook Industry Wheels Co. 7789 Village St. Westwood, WA 96547 Dear Mr. Brook, I would like to express my thanks for your attendance at the business…

Follow-Up Letter Example

Parker & Parker Industries                                                                    3/06/2013 Paul Nelson Jr. 794 Wilmington St., Suite 123 San Francisco, CA 12345 Albert Einstein Jr. 551 W. Main Street, Apt.7 San Francisco, CA 10011 Dear Mr. Einstein: FOLLOW UP ON YOUR RECENT CAR PURCHASE My name is Paul Nelson Jr., the marketing…

Complaint Letter of Overdue Product Sample

MRS. BEATE HOVORKA 5713 GOLDEN DREAMS ST. NORTHEN BYPASS, FL 90831 16 JUNE, 2011 MR. MICHAEL DAMON MANAGER TRANSCHEM PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. 7631 MONROVIA DAKAR ST. CITY WALK, FL 43189 Dear Sir, RE: COMPLAINT OF OVERDUE PRODUCT I am a customer of Transchem Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and I am concerned about the services you offer to your customers. On the 8th of March, 2010, I logged into www.transchempharmaceuticals.com to purchase a vitamin pill Biotin that as instructed by the customer care, was…

Complaint Letter Sample: Broken Utensils

Cleverly Hotel and Restaurant Suite Rd. Montana 98589 Dear Sir/Madam, Re: Response letter to your complaint of delivery of broken utensils It is with concern that I write this letter, being in possession of a complaint letter dated as the 26th of May, 2013, with regard to a delivery of cracked utensils. I work as a sales agent for the New Innovations Utensil Company and my duty is to ensure that our customer’s obligations are met to their satisfaction and…

Letter of Recommendation Sample

Hillary Morison Art Director Liberty Polygraph 11500 W. Olympic Blvd., Office 540 Los Angeles, CA 90064 USA Tel: +1-333-488-6699 April 13, 2013 Subject: Letter of recommendation for Linda Herd To Whom it May Concern, This letter is written to recommend Linda Herd. As an art director, I have led the working process of Linda for three years. I have found her to be a reliable and valuable employee. Linda has a positive attitude and is always willing to help others….

Festival Invitation Letter Sample

Alice Morgan                                                                            June 20, 2013 123 Sticky Street, Kensington, NY 12454 Dear Ms. Morgan, GRAND OPENING OF KENSINGTON CARTOON FESTIVAL On behalf of the Kensington Cartoonist Association, Animation Cats and the Federation of Cartoonist Organizations (LOST), I would like to extend a warm…

Inquiry Letter Example

William Growl 300 Boylston Ave. E. Seattle WA USA, 98543 (868) 456-4475 Mr. George Peterson Head Manager of Electronic Arts Megasystems Inc. 754 T Dragram Suite 6D Tucson AZ USA 54651 Dear Mr. Peterson, For the past few years, I have followed the activities of Electronic Arts through Internet news and your main site. I am fond of the electronic games that your company creates. When I saw a job offer for a programmer in a new team of game…

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