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Trip Sales Letter Sample

Bunglow 87 Street 15, Whittenwood Cove Orlando, Florida USA 819190 Dear Mr. Jameson, I am pleased you selected Gleaming Horizons Travel Agency for your upcoming vacation in Italy. Our company offers the best packages for hassle-free vacations at the most reasonable prices. Italy is a place brimming with glorious places and splendid scenes. Cities like Venice and Florence are an exquisite blend of nature as well as classical craftsmanship. Our ten-day tour to Italy is devised to give our customers…

Textbook Order Letter Sample

Low Valley High School 23 Mohawk Street Cohoes, NZ 12047 June 11 2013 Leonard Ralph High Quality Publishers Ltd. 24 Eagle Street Albany NY 13336. Dear Mr. Ralph, RE: ORDER OF BOOKS I would like to purchase 80 copies of the textbook Principles of Economics by Malcolm Stevenson. Further information about the book is as follows: Year of publication: 1928 Place of publication: Albany, US Name of publisher: High Quality Publishers Ltd. ISBN: 12:036547835 The cost should be $20 per…

Cover Letter Example

Human Resource Manager                                                                      February 15, 2013 Truth Times P.O. Box 27274 New York, NY 84849 James Brown 62728 Field Dr. New York, NY 75848 Cell: 289-848-9595 Email: brown.james@zmail.com Dear Human Resource Management Staff, I would like to apply for the position of Magazine Journalist that you…

Cover Letter Sample

Chris Laker                                                                                     May 30, 2013 1654 Connecticut Ave. Washington DC 23339 Tel: +1-202-645-8999 chrislaker@postmate.com David Baker Personnel Manager Sweets Inc. 433 Huge St. Washington DC 23339 Dear Mr. Baker, I am very interested in the position of Marketing Trainee…

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