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Sherlock Holmes with Watson

The main characters in this book are Dr. Watson, who is a medical surgeon and served in Northumberland Fusiliers in the fifth regiment, and Sherlock Holmes. Holmes is a private and specialized detective with a super-natural capability to solve criminal cases. In the long run, Dr. Watson traveled to the 2nd Anglo-Afghan war. While in Anglo-Afghan, Dr. Watson was injured, subsequently going back to London where he is seen to lend a hand in Holmes’ work of solving crime cases…

Radiohead Albums

Radiohead is a rock band formed in 1985 in England. It is a group of five musicians, having each their areas of specialization. Thom Yorke is the vocal leader as well as the main songwriter, playing piano and guitar. Johnny Greenwood is the main guitarist, also playing keyboards and ornamentation sounds involving electronics. Colin Greenwood is the bassist of the group. Ed O’ Brien is a guitarist and songwriter for the band, providing backing vocals as well. Phil Selway plays…

Instagram Versus Twitter

Instagram is an online social network that allows users to take pictures, apply digital filters to photos and share photos on other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. However, in December 2012, Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, stopped supporting the Twitter Cards application. This means that Instagram photos can no longer appear on Twitter, but only a link can be shown to direct users to Instagram photos. This fact has aroused a lot of controversies among users as…

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