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Cover Letter Example

Human Resource Manager                                                                      February 15, 2013 Truth Times P.O. Box 27274 New York, NY 84849 James Brown 62728 Field Dr. New York, NY 75848 Cell: 289-848-9595 Email: brown.james@zmail.com Dear Human Resource Management Staff, I would like to apply for the position of Magazine Journalist that you…

Cover Letter Sample

Chris Laker                                                                                     May 30, 2013 1654 Connecticut Ave. Washington DC 23339 Tel: +1-202-645-8999 chrislaker@postmate.com David Baker Personnel Manager Sweets Inc. 433 Huge St. Washington DC 23339 Dear Mr. Baker, I am very interested in the position of Marketing Trainee…

Cover Letter Sample for Job Application

James Milner                                                                                                    May 24, 2013 578 Michigan Road Indianapolis, IN 12345 123-555-1234 jmilner@yahoo.com Director of Human Resources Tropical Bakers Ltd 653 Elmwood Ave. Indianapolis, IN 12345 Dear John McKennel, Hiring Manager:…


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