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Should Celebrities Enter Politics?

Anyone who has a desire to serve people and demonstrate the qualities of solid governance can become a successful politician and leader. History has proved this fact, as celebrities have been elected to serve the interests of the people in public offices. In public service, what matters most is the commitments and the political awareness that one shows while in office. Politics is all about connecting and identifying with the needs of the common populous. Associating with their challenges, addressing…

Is Marketing to Children Ethical?

Studies have highlighted that children have a great influence on the purchasing decisions of their families, which has attracted many companies to target this population. Similarly, this does not only affect their parents’ choices, but also the children’s, since most of them buy goods for themselves (Burrow, 2011). Therefore, marketers have discovered this secret and for this reason, they are designing ways and strategies of reaching this significant population. Some of them have formulated messages that deeply convince and entice…

Should Cloning be Encouraged?

Cloning, also referred to as asexual production, is the process of creating genetically modified copies of biological matter such as cells and tissues. Cloning has been implemented and practiced on human beings, animals, as well as plants. However, the debate is often as to whether human cloning should be encouraged. Previous studies have asserted that plant and animal cloning has been successful. On the other hand, there has been controversial debate regarding human cloning. Cloning is perceived as the most…

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