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Textbook Order Letter Sample

Low Valley High School 23 Mohawk Street Cohoes, NZ 12047 June 11 2013 Leonard Ralph High Quality Publishers Ltd. 24 Eagle Street Albany NY 13336. Dear Mr. Ralph, RE: ORDER OF BOOKS I would like to purchase 80 copies of the textbook Principles of Economics by Malcolm Stevenson. Further information about the book is as follows: Year of publication: 1928 Place of publication: Albany, US Name of publisher: High Quality Publishers Ltd. ISBN: 12:036547835 The cost should be $20 per…

Clothes Order Letter

Reactive Inc.                                                                                        May 27,2013 Mary Pulonia 458163 Amla Street, Hyderbad India, 859178 Triangle Store Perry Smith Unit 3, Maple Gate Guilford, UK 899919 Dear Mary Pulonia, Thank you for your prompt reply to our letter on May…

Laptops Order Letter Sample

Kenneth Gregory Sales Department ABC Electronics Group 39 Prism Building Chicago Date: May 20 2012 Subject: Purchase Order for Two Laptops Dear Kate Windslow, I am writing this letter to place an order for two of the laptops you are currently advertising on your website. I am interested in the HP 2000-239 WM model. I would like to purchase two laptops of this model. However, I want them in different color. I want a black one and the other white…


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