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Lucky Guy by Nora Ephron

Nora Ephron deceased at the age of 71 in June last year and at a time when she was writing her third play, Lucky Guy. There were prior notions circulated that she died of colon cancer. She had managed to make a name for herself following the amazing creation of hit movies before her demise. She began her career in the movie industry by being a journalist and won her fame as a screenwriter. Lucky Guy was well-received from critics…

The Big Knife by Clifford Odets

Dramatic Acting in the Play The Big Knife Synopsis The play The Big Knife written by Clifford Odets and directed by Robert Aldrich is mainly revolved around the character Charlie Castle. Charlie is presented to the audience as a successful Hollywood actor living an admirable person, though his life begins to falter when he is in the dilemma of his wife leaving him and having to refuse the renewing of his seven acting year contract, which makes his boss furious….

The Phantom of the Opera

What Makes The Phantom of the Opera Such a Spectacular Show? According to Wade Bradford from About.com (2013), at the start of the play, an opera ghost lays havoc on the crew and cast in the French Opera House in the course of tutoring a chorus girl. The ghost achieves the corrupting of the girl by way of a soprano. The ghost’s pupil gets hitched to De Chagny, which creates a problem since the ghost has too fallen for his…

Solo Play Ann

Holland Taylor’s Acting in the Solo Play “Ann” The Broadway show “Ann”, starring Holland Taylor, took place at the Vivian Beaumont Theater on the 7th of March. It was directed by Benjamin Endsley Klein and written by Holland Taylor. It is remarkable that the play dropped its original title, which was “Money, Marbles and Chalk: An Affectionate Sketch of Ann Richards” and has been shortened to “Ann”. The play presents the story of a memorable person – Ann Richards, the…

How to Write a Play Review

Play Review Definition A play review is one of the genres that is used for theatrical critique. The basis of any review is a critical analysis of a performance, movie, or art. The play review is more about evaluation of production than the text of the play. The reviewer should use acumen and balanced reflection to be able to give valuable feedback as a part of the audience. To write a good review, the author should watch the play and…


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