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The Phenomenon of Fashion

The Phenomenon of Fashion: What Makes People Look Exactly the Same Abstract Many people have come across situations in which one is unable to differentiate between two individuals. This may occur even when the two individuals are at a vast distance from each other. One can move from one continent, say South America, to Europe and encounter a figure that their conscience convinces is similar to an individual that they have seen before in South America. What makes people look…

Starting Business

Money or Idea: What Is More Important To Start Business? Entrepreneurs launching new businesses is common due to our present economic state. Our economic circumstance develops as our world is progressing alongside with technological advancements, global economic competitions, education and the thriving of industries. Provided by this present economic status quo, making headway in business is facile. However, starting a business is not an easy task. You have to undergo a lot of complex and mysterious processes in order to…

I Survived a Writing Class

Many people consider writing fairly easy, mainly because they have never done any serious writing themselves. Others compare it to arithmetic and science, but anyone who has been to writing class like I was for a year and a half knows that it is not exactly a walk in the park. Unlike arithmetic and the sciences, writing is an art and while others are busy stating facts and manipulating numbers, writing is actually a display of creativity. The writer is…

Friends on Facebook

Is it Appropriate for Students and Teachers to Be Friends on Facebook? American society has become largely dependent on social networks like Twitter and particularly Facebook to carry out communication. The current generation of American youth on the whole are attached to screens and handsets as if they are a basic human need. In the field of teaching, it is understood that teachers are supposed to keep up with the technological progressions of the present day, especially those that are…

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