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Trip Sales Letter Sample

Bunglow 87 Street 15, Whittenwood Cove Orlando, Florida USA 819190 Dear Mr. Jameson, I am pleased you selected Gleaming Horizons Travel Agency for your upcoming vacation in Italy. Our company offers the best packages for hassle-free vacations at the most reasonable prices. Italy is a place brimming with glorious places and splendid scenes. Cities like Venice and Florence are an exquisite blend of nature as well as classical craftsmanship. Our ten-day tour to Italy is devised to give our customers…

Sales Letter Sample

Sahara Vacuums                                                                                              May 23, 2012 123 Sail Road, Lahore, Pakistan 848499 Dear Reader, We have the perfect cleaning device for you, providing you with comfort along with cleanliness. Without a sound and with an…

Sales Letter Sample: Organic Cosmetics

  Blue Flower Natural Organic Company                                       24 May, 2012 blueflowerorganic@mail.com 112634 Meridian Street. Seattle, WA, 98177 Dear Customer, Did you know that the Blue Flower Natural Organic Company provides products and services that cater for all your beauty needs? Every person that needs to maintain their natural looks and at the same time look stunning should access the high quality products offered by our company. Offering over 300 products that fit with every individual, I bet you can find a…


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