Tribute Presentation Topics

The aim of a tribute presentation is to praise, honor, celebrate or commemorate a person, group, event or institution. The types of tribute presentations also include eulogies, testimonial addresses and dedications. If you have difficulties in choosing an interesting theme for a tribute presentation, you can pick one from the 30 sample themes below.

  1. The author of the book that changed my life.
  2. The doctor that cured me from a dangerous disease.
  3. The tribute presentation to the partner that saved my life.
  4. The tribute presentation to the business partner that made the 20-year succsessful business possible.
  5. Toast to newlyweds on the wedding party.
  6. Mark Cantor as the preservationist of jazz music.
  7. Andrei Sakharov as the developer hydrogen bomb.
  8. Joseph Lister as the father of antiseptic sterile operating room.
  9. Gracie Allen as the 1st women to star in a radio program.
  10. Coco Chanel as the great reformer of women’s dresses.
  11. Yuri Gagarin as the first human to journey into outerspace.
  12. The funeral tribute presentation to a best friend.
  13. The funeral tribute presentation for the Challenger astronauts.
  14. Steve Jobs as an American invetor and the founding CEO of Apple Inc.
  15. Tribute presentation to nursing instructors at the Pinning Ceremony.
  16. Tribute presentation of a hospital director to a reopened hospital center.
  17. A presentation of tribute to Spider-Man as the best superhero.
  18. John Nash as the valuable American mathematician.
  19. A tribute presentation to a father on his 50th birthday.
  20. A tribute presentation to a teacher that made an influence on your life.
  21. A tribute presentation to the representative of laboratory to the employee that won a Nobel Prize.
  22. A tribute presentation to the sponsor of a college that made a big donation.
  23. A Fourth of July tribute to innovations award winners.
  24. A Fourth of July tribute to John Adams as a leading advocate of American independence from Great Britain.
  25. A tribute presentation of a President at the opening of his Presidential Library.
  26. A tribute presentation of a mayor at the opening of Memorial Stone remembering the children who died in a catastrophe.
  27. A tribute presentation to the veterans who serve the country in time of war and in times of peace.
  28. A tribute presentation of a prime-minister to the new Scientific Center “Brain”
  29. A tribute presentation to Princess Diana for her charity and kindness.
  30. A tribute presentation to Mahatma Gandhi as the father of Indian nationalism.

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