About Us

You have probably heard the expression “business shark”. Usually, it means a successful and competitive expert, a leader in a chosen field. Here at AnswerShark, we think that proficiency — not just in business, but in any other sphere — starts with learning. And, respectively, studying. Having this in mind, we decided to create a service that would help students become sharks of the academic process!

Who We Are

We are not only the website’s founders, but an ever-growing community of experts in different fields. You can start as a regular user, looking for help with yet another homework assignment, and become a member of our team, improving your academic skills and deepening your knowledge every day.

Our Goal

We aim to destroy the stereotype that being a successful student and being a nerd is synonymous. Quite the opposite: intelligence and knowledge are the key elements of success in the modern world, so why neglect an opportunity to acquire them in your student years?

What We Offer

  • AnswerShark is a place where we have gathered services that are the most useful for studying and improving your academic performance. Experiencing any troubles with your homework, a class on a certain discipline, a report, or something else? Google cannot help you find a proper answer? Ask us, we know better.

  • Skipped a day or two at school? Take a class online and make up the material you’ve missed. Our tutors are ready and able to improve your knowledge in any field. On our website, you can hire a personal teacher: unbiased, competent, and willing to help; use their help to catch up with your school/college program, or even outpace it.

We started AnswerShark as a platform with altruistic purposes. You can become a part of the movement. Help others, and get helped. Begin to enjoy your studies.

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