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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is AnswerShark?

AnswerShark is a convenient and user-friendly service aimed at helping people receive instant educational support and assistance. We provide help with studying and research, writing (creative, academic, and so on), accomplishing assignments, and with other spheres that people often experience problems with. Contact our tutors via private chat for lessons, detailed explanations, or for any other assistance you might need.

Is it free?

Our team of professional tutors is always ready to help, both on free and paid basis. Free help is our basic option; it implies that a question you ask is answered by any tutor/user, within an indefinite period of time; our paid service allows you to specify deadlines and receive timely help, work with preferred tutors, have your writing edited and proofread by a professional, and use many other advanced features.

What sort of help do you provide?

AnswerShark provides users with the following services:

  • online consultations on different topics
  • tutoring and coaching
  • joint work on your homework/tasks/projects
  • answering your questions
  • creative and academic writing
  • and many other ways to assist you in your tasks

Service Questions

Can I be sure in the competence of people who answer my questions?

AnswerShark is a service used by many people from around the world. When you use our free service, you can receive all kinds of answers, with varying degrees of value. However, if you use our paid service and address your inquiry to one of our professional tutors, you can always be sure that you will receive full and competent assistance from a specialist.

Where do you find your experts?

Our tutors are freelance or hired professionals. We find them online, or they find us themselves. Either way, when applying for a job, a candidate chooses the fields in which he/she is willing to work within. Before recruiting a candidate, we make him/her pass numerous tests on the fields they have chosen in order to verify their competence.

How long will I have to wait for an answer to a question?

It depends on whether you choose our free or paid services. Our free service implies that you post your inquiry and wait until other users (and possibly our tutors) start answering it. Generally, it means that your inquiry can gather a significant amount of answers, but the time period during which these answers will be given can be rather long. We recommend using this option if you have no specific deadline.

If you are short on time, or want a specific expert/tutor to answer your question/complete your order, we recommend you to use our paid services.

If I change the deadline, will it affect the price somehow?

No, the price for a tutor’s services is estimated just once, and is not affected by sudden changes in the deadline. However, you must realize that if the deadline shortens drastically, your chosen tutor is not responsible for a possible delay.

How does an answer to a question typically look like?

Our tutors strive to provide you with answers that fully discuss and explain the subject raised in questions. This means your answers are not offhand, but are detailed and scrupulous. In fact, you might ask a short and seemingly simple question, such as, “Why is the sky blue?” (which is not a simple one, but anyways), and get an answer in 750-1125 words explaining the physical laws and processes standing behind the sky’s color. In other words, our experts provide as full answers as possible, so sometimes an answer to your question might be a solution to your whole assignment. Please mind that an answer’s length is not necessarily an indicator of its completeness; sometimes short answers contain as much info and are as helpful as long ones. When placing an order, you can specify whether you would like to get to know only the essentials, or a full answer with all the details.

Security Questions

Is your service confidential?

We understand the importance of confidentiality in such a delicate matter as academic assistance provided by third-party experts (AnswerShark) to students. Therefore, you can be absolutely sure your private data such as your real name, educational institution, information about financial transactions, and so on, will not be accessed by other people (for example, your teachers).

How can you guarantee that I get what I pay for?

The payment system on AnswerShark works in such a way that you pay an expert only after you have received his or her answer and made sure it satisfies you. When an expert accepts your order and you confirm his or her application, a sum of money equal to this expert’s bid is withdrawn from your credit card and put on hold. After you receive the answer/custom written paper/other assistance and feel that you are satisfied with its quality, you can approve it to release the money on hold to the expert. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel the order; in this case, the money you paid for an expert’s work will be returned to you.

Can you guarantee the safety of all the transactions made on your website?

We do not receive and/or process the credentials of your account, banking card, and other personal information.All the financial transactions are processed completely safely.

Does AnswerShark store chat history, as well as other logs, in some sort of a database?

We keep records of our conversations with clients in order to be able to provide refunds (in case a customer initiates a dispute for a refund, we can use these records for a recheck). However, these logs/records are designed for internal use only: AnswerShark does not provide them to any third-party users.

Payments and Refunds

How does the refund procedure look like?

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the provided service, you should contact our support team in order to apply for a refund. AnswerShark will analyze your refund request, and either return you the full sum of money, or provide you with a partial refund. If we find no specific reasons to satisfy your refund request, we have a right to decline it.

What if I get an answer and then withdraw my money?

You will be able to get your money back only through the procedure of the refund request and the dispute following it. This is made to prevent and avoid cheating, fraud, and other unfair actions. AnswerShark analyzes each particular refund request to check whether the provided services did or did not meet our clients’ expectations.

How much does your tutoring service cost?

The price depends on the discipline, complicacy of the order, and the deadline. When creating a request for a tutor, you will need to select a discipline and to specify the timeframe within which you would like to receive tutors’ assistance. After you do this, you can publish your inquiry, making it visible to our tutors. Based on the information in your order, tutors will specify their prices and deadlines in their bids; you will only have to choose a tutor whose proposition suits you the most, and confirm that you want to work with him/her.