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Geology Homework Help

A geologist is a specialist who studies the composition and structure of rocks for the purpose of prospecting and exploring mineral deposits. As a geologist, the solution to production problems is combined with the development of theoretical studies, the study of natural objects and patterns, and the evaluation of the feasibility of their use. So, while studying, students often face geology questions they don't know how to handle. Let's find out how you can deal with your studying problems.

Features of Geology Questions

The ultimate goal of any geological work is the identification and evaluation of mineral deposits that occur in the process of prospecting and exploration. That's why lots of geology questions are connected with the following issues:

  • conducting geological explorations in promising areas
  • exploration and evaluation of identified deposits on land and in marine environments
  • providing services of mining enterprises
  • development of mining operation plans and operational reconnaissance
  • studying geological structures
  • compilation of geological material and the results of geophysical studies

There are different types of geology. That's why geology questions and answers will depend on the course you select. For example, you may study dynamic geology. In this case, you may get homework connected with the field of geotectonics, regional geology, and seismotectonics. These areas provide laboratory work within geotectonics, tectonophysics, neotectonics, and seismotectonics.

If you study regional geology and the history of Earth, you may be asked to provide geology answers connected with regional, structural geology and geotectonics, stratigraphy, and the geology of quaternary deposits. The most important directions of the work is the study of rift zones, modern and ancient; analysis of the history of formation and development of sedimentary basins; and comparative planetology.

If to talk about lithology and marine geology, you may be asked to find geology answers with topics connected to general and theoretical lithology, studies of regularities in the formation of sedimentary rocks, sedimentary formation and the distribution of minerals in Earth's crust, lithological mapping, studying modern sedimentation, as well as studying the structure of the seas and oceans.

Geology Help With Different Types of Assignments

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Geochemistry is also one of the branches of geology. And if you need geology homework help within the field of crystal chemistry, crystal growth, and gemology, you are welcome on our site. The ordering process is rather simple – you just need to place your requirements and set the deadline.

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