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Social Work

Social work is one of the most noble fields to work in, as is any field concerned with helping people, especially children. If you have chosen a career path in the field of social work or you have just encountered an issue relating to it, there are bound to be some social work questions for which you would like to get answers. If you are looking for social work help, then AnswerShark is your destination. Here, you can find answers to your most troublesome social work assignments. Initiate a discussion with your peers or ask a tutor directly to get prompt social work homework help.

Social Work Assignment Help

Social work entails many duties, and these studies can lead to different career paths. It depends on the group of people (children, adults, families) you want to work with or the type of issues you would like to deal with (physical or mental health, etc.).

There are several ways to devote your life to social work:

  • Mental health. In the US, about one in five adults have some sort of mental illness, so the duties of social workers in hospitals and clinics is increasingly becoming more and more important.
  • Substance dependency. Rehabilitation centers, as well as special clinics, require social work counselors to help patients deal with the rehabilitation period while they are trying to address their problems.
  • Children and families. Social workers can help families, especially children, progress through certain social problems, such as homelessness, poverty, divorce or abuse.
  • Aging. Some social workers choose to assist adults who are approaching old age and experiencing problems they didn't have at a younger age.
  • Public and community health. In this area, social workers help people navigate through available social, financial and educational services.

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